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WATCH: Meghan Gaffney Shares Insights on HealthTech Industry

WATCH: Meghan Gaffney Shares Insights on HealthTech Industry

Interview by Dennis Dailey of HIT!Show at ViVE 2024. Watch to hear Meghan Gaffney insights on Healthtech industry trends.

“We’ve finally made the jump from AI as an idea to AI really moving the needle for plans and providers,” remarks Meghan Gaffney, Co-Founder and CEO of Veda, during our video interview at the event.

“At Veda, we like to say, ‘We build technology that helps people, help people,‘” Meghan continues, reflecting on her background in public policy and the company’s mission to tackle healthcare infrastructure challenges.

Meghan shares insights into Veda’s partnership with Humana, highlighting their efforts to enhance provider directory accuracy for Medicare Advantage members.

“The complexity is that there are six million healthcare providers… We really focus on using technology to make the entire exchange of information easy for both the provider and the payer,” she explains.

Discussing industry trends, Meghan emphasizes the significance of regulations like the Real Provider Act and their impact on ensuring patients’ access to accurate healthcare information. “There’s going to be an increased focus on making sure that every patient has access to the right information to get care,” she adds.

“We’re excited about being a part of that conversation and bringing AI into the mainstream,” Meghan concludes, expressing Veda’s commitment to advancing the potential of AI technology in healthcare.

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