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5 Vital Lessons for Entrepreneurial Leaders: Strategic Breaks for Success

5 Vital Lessons for Entrepreneurial Leaders: Strategic Breaks for Success

ENTREPRENEUR – Veda Data’s CEO and CO-Founder Meghan Gaffney talks valuable lessons for entrepreneurial leaders. These lessons include engaging with diverse entrepreneurs, promoting continuous learning, overcoming gender bias, the importance of big thinking, and remembering that leadership requires ongoing strategic thinking. Discover how taking time away enables entrepreneurs to rejuvenate and gain valuable insights that help improve leadership.

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5 Vital Lessons for Entrepreneurial Leaders

Like you, I have big goals for my company and know that getting lost in the minutiae won’t get me there. Taking time away for personal and professional development ensures you remember to look up.

As founders and leaders, if we just keep our heads down and focus solely on getting tasks done, we miss critical opportunities for big thinking. The kind of thinking that leads to growth and transformation. The kind of thinking that can impact the trajectory of a young company. And to be honest, the kind of thinking that is necessary of leaders and founders and those of us responsible for the vision of our companies. Here’s what I learned when I took the time to step away from the day-to-day.

1. Lessons from outside your industry are invaluable

As startups, we are often able to bring an important outside perspective to the industries we operate in. We’re disruptors who think differently and aren’t constrained by legacy norms that can slow down innovation.

But then we grow and there is a shift that happens. Instead of bringing the outside perspective, we sometimes find ourselves needing an outside perspective. That’s why it’s critical to spend time developing important relationships with peers outside of our sector.

Other innovators will look at a problem (and solution) with fresh eyes and help ground us in the innovator role we built our company on. We can learn from the experiences they’ve had, even if we serve different industries. Read the full article from Entrepreneur: 5 Vital Lessons for Entrepreneurial Leaders



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