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Health systems

For Health Systems that need robust provider and facility data, Veda promises the most accurate information for credentials, specialties, practice location, licenses, facility type, contracting, contact, and more.

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Build an Accurate ‘Find a Doctor’ Directory

Connect patients to accurate information displayed in external facing directories to make appointments with the right provider and improve patient experience.

Referral Management and Provider Relationship Management (PRM)

Capture lost revenue from referral leakage with accurate, comprehensive provider data and contact information.

Provider Recruitment

Increase competitiveness and meet adequacy requirements with easy-to-use provider query tools based on key provider needs, such a specialty type and location.

Provider Enrollment & Credentialing

Speed up provider onboarding with prepopulated credentials, spotlighting inaccurate data to get enrollment completed correctly, the first time.

Correct or Augment Provider Data for Analytics

Provider performance—cost, quality, and outcomes—are core to value or risk-based arrangements and population health efforts, and flawed provider location information can undermine complex risk arrangements.

You know your business. We know data.

Learn more about our products: Quantym Data Quality Scoring and Vectyr Data Curation.

Score and cleanse your network directory to identify areas that affect your quality metrics.

The most up-to-date, comprehensive, and accurate source of data on healthcare providers, groups, and facilities on the market.



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