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How veda secures your data

Our trusted approach helps clients face evolving security risks and challenges with complete confidence.

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Veda's Smart Automation platform protects sensitive information through our comprehensive security controls, and meets key regulations and industry-defined requirements to effectively manage risk.

Trusted Protection

Our SaaS platform is committed to best-in-class security

With Veda, clients can expect security, reliability, compliance, and privacy. Data is safe with us.


Veda ensures that security is a central pillar of our operating procedures. Our robust Information Security Management Program (ISMP) is multi-layered and follows the HITRUST common security framework. Customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit, while SAML SSO, MFA, and active incident response practices ensure the security of the Smart Automation platform.


The Veda Smart Automation platform is hosted entirely in the AWS cloud. We utilize network and application firewalls; vulnerability, network and penetration testing tools; intrusion detection tools; and continuous anomaly detection to maintain platform reliability. Our comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs ensure we meet industry SLA targets for our clients.


Veda complies with all federal and state regulation where it operates and offers a fully HIPAA compliant platform. We are also one of the few HITRUST certified platforms, which also complies with ISO 27001, NIST SP 800-53, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA/HITECH frameworks. Reinforcing our persisting commitment to compliance, Veda was built based on OWASP secure coding guidelines.


Veda places customer data privacy at the center of all decisions. Each customer is provisioned with their own tenancy within the platform. Data from each customer is encrypted with a unique customer key and stored in individual customer data stores, ensuring customer data is never mixed with other customer data.