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The most challenging job you’ll love. Whether you're in the U.S. or Ireland, flourish in your career while solving a one trillion dollar healthcare waste problem.

WHAT WE'RE about

We tackle challenges in healthcare day by day, constantly iterating and staying agile to produce the best and most trusted outcomes. We like to think of the employee experience the same way. Always moving forward, always at the right pace. We have big plans for the future of Veda, and we want you to be a part of them.

What Vedas Values


Whether working from home, in the office, or in line for coffee, the Veda work environment is grounded in humanity and humility. You’re a person first, Vedan second. To avoid the common pitfalls of working in tech - burnout and low morale - we dedicate just as much time and energy towards the thoughtful growth of our employees as we do our products.

Value 1_We succeed together (1)
We’re helpful, but not hindering.

Some of our best work happens when we share ideas, collaborate, and utilize the power of the team to solve problems. But we also know some employees perform better with breathing room. We trust you to bring your best to the table and we'll support you in getting there.

Value 2_Open to new perspectives
We’re fearless, but not foolhardy.

Big ideas inspire us, but we always approach them with a level head and careful eye. Before we take on any new challenge, we build the budget, assemble the right staff, and set achievable and thoughtful goals.

Value 3_ Grit
We’re serious, but not sticks-in-the-mud.

Work makes up the majority of your week. It might as well be an enjoyable experience. At Veda, you will find that we approach our work intentionally and strategically, but we do so with levity and light as much as possible.

Value 4_Trust
We’re experts, but not exclusionary.

Our best innovations come from listening to others. Our culture of feedback means that every Vedan has a voice and is encouraged to use it. We’re working towards a collective goal at Veda, so we save the competitiveness for our competitors.

Benefits and Perks


In order for you to bring your best in the workplace, you need a solid foundation outside of the workplace. To ensure our benefits reinforced our values, Veda leadership built a comprehensive program based on the feedback and needs of employees. Our benefits and perks support happiness, healthiness, financial security, and personal well-being.

100% Paid health insurance

We pay the full premium for a variety of quality healthcare plans - including low and no-deductible - and offer reasonable dental and vision insurance for you and your eligible family members.

Remote work environment

There’s no reason to leave the dogs and cats behind. We are a fully remote-work company, with the exception of the occasional team building event at our beautiful Madison headquarters.

Generous PTO

Flexibility matters to us and we don’t differentiate sick days vs. vacation days vs. mental health days. Take the time off you need, when you need it.

Retirement fund

In addition to our employer-sponsored 401K, we'll even match your contributions up to a certain percentage.

Stock options

Get rewarded for coming in early! Every employee has an opportunity to become a Veda shareholder and invest as the company grows.

Professional development

We encourage employees to pursue new career skills and interests. We reimburse your cost to attend professional development events, conferences, or continuing education programs.



Be you at Veda


At Veda, we encourage employees to embrace individuality. Your background, beliefs, interests, and hobbies are what contribute to your unique perspective. We welcome any and all employees; corporate mold be damned.

Rectangle 32 (1)

What flavor is at the top of the ice cream ladder?

Mint Chocolate Chip—turns out, selecting an ice cream flavor is the most polarizing debate on our slack channels. Shoutout to the other 16 flavors that split the vote.

Where are you building your dream home?

52.2% Mountains, 47.8% Ocean—we’d call it a tie, but you know, data accuracy matters. We’re perpetually daydreaming of the elusive Mountain on a beach

Which post-workday activity brings you the most peace

Watching a show—All hail streaming platforms. Exercise, hobbies, and reading are tied at a distant second; no match for our ability to binge watch.


of employees prefer mint chocolate chip


of people prefer mountains over ocean


of people prefer watching a show after work


Building a collaborative, impactful organizational culture requires establishing a shared way of communicating, not a shared way of thinking. Veda is committed to hiring and empowering a diverse, individually authentic workforce and maintaining an environment of belonging, curiosity, opportunity, and dedication.


We value collaboration and leading from every seat, knowing that varied perspectives lead to the most successful outcomes. Veda is an organization of creative thinkers and problem solvers who take accountability. Our team seeks out individuals who are looking to be as dedicated to and supportive of us as we are to each other.


We encourage applicants from all industries and backgrounds to apply, even if you don't believe you "check all the boxes.”

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