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Harness the power of data science to generate amazing value from the data you see every day.

More Data – or Better Data?

The healthcare industry is rife with data inaccuracies, and the volume of information is growing.

Every year, the healthcare industry generates billions of gigabytes of data in the course of daily activities. Providers spend countless hours processing and updating this data while the information patients need most remains locked in an error-prone, redundant mess.

Technology at Your Service

Access to leading data science technology – integrated with your current systems and workflow.

Our automated data science-as-a-service systems cleanse, resolve and validate raw, messy data – such as claims, rosters, contracts, referrals – and return accurate directories, live network adequacy maps and claims cleansed of human error.

Accessible Automation

Precision Data Science Tools

We’ve taken technologies developed by best-in-industry data scientists and calibrated them to solve specific problems in the healthcare industry. But you don’t need to be a data scientist to use them. Our API-enabled products are designed to be accessible for everyone on your team.


Keep your provider directory always updated, always accurate.

VEDA helps you generate a customizable, validated and up-to-date directory, while reducing the burden on physicians and healthcare providers. ProviderSync updates over 4 million profiles of healthcare providers, practice groups and facilities every 24 hours.


Live view into your network.

Atlas gives executives and network administrators the ability to interact with data from providers, practice groups, and facilities in real time. It provides an at-a-glance view of providers within and outside of your network complete with geographic, demographic and mandated adequacy thresholds.

Network Efficiency

Build high-quality, cost-effective provider networks

Delivering high-quality, cost-effective care means building a reliable network of providers and facilities. VEDA’s network efficiency tool allows you to view critical information about your own provider network and understand which providers and facilities can deliver the best care for patients.

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