veda saves healthcare companies millions annually by automating complex data processes

How? We don’t just automate healthcare data, we understand and transform your data through our smart automation platform.
Dramatically reduce your overhead costs by automating complex business rules for data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL). veda data solutions supports health plans of all sizes with technology that is generalizable to almost any ETL scenario across healthcare and beyond.

veda’s powerful solutions create a simplified and streamlined experience for everyone – from the data entry specialist to the end customer. The results are astounding:


Reduction in
process time




turnaround time


of rosters processed and
delivered in under four hours

A top 10 national payer was spending an average of 2 minutes per row to process provider roster data, with only 60% accuracy due to human error.

Utilizing smart automation through veda alchemy, we are able to digest and transform the roster data through formatting and validation and then load directly into the claims system—all in a fraction of the time.

Results: veda saves a single national health plan customer more than 5,300 processing hours per month and all files are processed within 24 hours—with 58% processed in less than 10 minutes.

No Surprises. Really.

Exceed the new compliance requirements in the No Surprises Act—as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act. Veda provides the fastest provider roster & delegated network processing available—less than 24 hours. And our solution can automate your validation and verification process to ensure your process is completed correctly and consistently daily.

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Smart Automation = Savings + Quality

The power of veda lies in delivering accurate data… fast. How? With integrated AI and machine learning.  Alchemy automates provider roster and network data ingestion, aligns internal data systems and performs data quality checks within minutes.

Reduced Human Error

Human-centered data processes are slow and error-prone, yet complete automation of proprietary business processes is often impractical. Alchem engages users to inform automation and actively learns from the expertise of people while preventing error and driving results.

Tech-Driven ROI

Veda’s Smart Automation technology drives 8-10x ROI from automation vs. 1-3x returns from use-driven platforms. Why? We let technology do the heavy lifting, not people (you have better things to do).

6 of the top 10 health plans trust veda with their automation. See why

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