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Veda at ViVE 2024

Panels, partnerships, and busting ghost networks

ViVE 2024 brought together health tech innovators, vendors, investors, and media. What did Veda bring? Engaging discussions around Medicare Advantage, AI in healthcare, ghost networks, and rural health. Not to mention some heavy media coverage announcing our Humana partnership. Plus, a little fun with a certain famous car to showcase Veda’s ghost network-busting abilities. (We were in Hollywood after all.)

Rural Healthcare and Data

“The way for rural healthcare to succeed is to make it easy to find a doctor, to be a doctor and to pay a doctor,” said Dr. Bob Lindner, Chief Science & Technology officer at Veda during a panel on the challenging rural healthcare landscape. “All of these three things have challenges that can be traced back to the data.”

Bob presented data as a tool that rural health systems can utilize to access accurate information on traveling doctors, a unique offering in rural areas. As rural health faces more hits and challenges, data has the answers.

Accurate provider data leads to better care

The belief that accurate provider data leads to better care is exactly what led to the Humana and Veda partnership (and created plenty of buzz at ViVE). Fierce Healthcare proclaimed “Humana taps data automation startup Veda to polish up provider directories.” MedCity News listed the partnership in their “9 ViVE Announcements You Don’t Want to Miss.”

Veda will use its patented automation technology to analyze, verify, and standardize Humana’s data to ensure the information is accurate and comprehensive, along with real-time scoring of data quality.

Veda is ready for the mainstream adoption of AI and committed to advancing the technology to offer members true access to care.

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Busting Ghost Networks

Whether you were building a mini-fig or entering to win an ECTO-1 replica, plenty of fun was found at the Veda booth. With a page taken from a beloved movie franchise, Veda showed off its ‘ghost-busting’ abilities and talked ghost networks.

Ghost networks are provider networks that appear robust and full of available providers but actually contain bad data and thus, much more limited availability and unreachable providers. These “ghosts” are no longer practicing, not accepting new patients, are not in-network, or have errors in their contact information.

Veda’s accurate data eliminates ghost networks, improves member satisfaction, and stays ahead of emerging regulations.

See you next year at ViVE!



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