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Bite the Orange Podcast: Meghan Gaffney

Bite the Orange Podcast: Meghan Gaffney

Veda is getting patients the information they need and directing them to the right type of care.

In this episode of Bite the Orange, Meghan Gaffney, CEO and co-founder of Veda Data, talks about how she’s working to innovate healthcare data infrastructure and make it work better for providers and patients. Thanks to outdated databases, finding providers on your health plan can be a difficult process, causing delays and driving up costs in healthcare. Meghan explains how Veda Data has two different offerings, Velocity and Quantym, for health plans to improve speed and efficiency in their data infrastructure so their members have access to complete, built-out networks. She discusses three case studies around automation and accuracy improving data quality, user experience, compliance, and cost savings, which can be found on Veda’s website.

Tune in to this episode to learn how Meghan’s work at Veda is helping health plans innovate and improve their data infrastructure to provide better care.

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