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The Results Are In (And They’re Good): Veda’s Net Promoter Score is 82

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The Results Are In (And They’re Good): Veda’s Net Promoter Score is 82

Score Ranks as World-Class

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are a common measurement of the loyalty of customers to a company or product. With NPS, companies can measure the overall perception of their brand and even predict business growth based on the number of clients who are enthusiastic about the business. The score is calculated with results from a single-question survey.

Since Veda’s clients are at the center of everything we do, we asked all of them: How likely are you to recommend Veda to a friend or colleague?

Our customer partners gave outstanding feedback, rating Veda as world-class.

NPS scores can range from -100 to 100. The creators of the score provide this results scale:

  • 0: Good
  • 20: Favorable
  • 50: Excellent
  • 80: World-class

Veda received an 82. 82! 

“These are powerful results and ​​validate our amazing customer partners see value from our products,” said Meghan Gaffney, Veda CEO. “Within the industry, scores range between zero and 50. I’m not shocked Veda continues to outperform when compared to our peers. We wouldn’t be looking at an 82 without the continued partnership from our customers. Our wins are their wins.”

100% of Veda clients responded to the NPS survey, giving an assuring view on their outlook on the products and experience provided by Veda. 

Veda is all about data. We will continue to measure NPS and other metrics through qualitative surveys to ensure the best-in-class customer experience remains on track as we continue to build solutions critical for solving data quality needs across our industry.

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