AI & Machine Learning Automatically

VEDA’s core technologies power the products that make healthcare more accessible, efficient and affordable. Our patent-pending automated systems combine to solve complex problems– automatically. VEDA has developed components that cleanse messy data, connect data sets across many systems, translate information into standardized formats and detect patterns and error.

Our Team

Our AI and machine learning tools have been created by our team of scientific researchers from around the world.

Together they have over 20 years of experience deploying robust modeling systems to solve complex problems. They’ve done everything from finding the largest shockwave in the Universe to modeling open-ended evolution in video games.

VEDA’s CORE Technology

VEDA’s patented HIPAA compliant, cloud-based system processes, stores and transfers data at a rate go 1 million rows per minute. It is the foundation for all our products and can transform your facility, provider and claims information automatically.

VEDA Connect

Finding a Data Fingerprint

Everyone and everything has a unique data fingerprint. Our engine can sort through raw data from a plethora of sources and pull out the correct information about people, places and things by their fingerprint. It de-dupes data, links data across sources and connects older data to newer data.

VEDA Cleanse

Automatic Error Correction

To err is human, but to correct should be automated! Our sophisticated data cleansing completely automates the complex (and tedious) task of fixing human errors in data, such as filling in holes and correcting formatting. This task of normalization, typo correction, outlier rejection and imputation typically accounts for 80-90% of a data scientist’s time before they can start modeling.

VEDA Translate

Making Sense of Messy Data

Data doesn’t always come correctly formatted. Our engines take completely unstructured data such as claims notes or scanned letters) and render it readable and ready for machine learning. Using techniques such as natural language processing and sparse vector analysis, we reduce the dimensionality of the data so it can stay machine readable without losing the nuanced information.

VEDA Detect

Data Detective Work

Once we’ve properly cleansed, formatted and linked data together, we can identify and categorize patterns, capture their importances and present them to be visualized in Atlas or your own systems. Pattern recognition allows you clear visibility into problems that you didn’t even know existed, and the ability to quantify their relative magnitudes so you can take action.

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