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Fixing Healthcare Inefficiencies: Q&A with Veda’s VP of Product, Andrew McCabe

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Fixing Healthcare Inefficiencies: Q&A with Veda’s VP of Product, Andrew McCabe

Joining Veda this spring, Veda’s VP of Product Andrew is focused on connecting clients with Veda’s Smart Automation data solutions. He calls Boston home and when he’s not solving administrative healthcare challenges, he can be found under the hood of an old (probably not-running) car or on a long bike ride.

What brings you to Veda?

My entire career has been in the healthcare industry and the challenges around provider data kept popping up. I first encountered it with revenue cycle management and back office services. I’ve also encountered it in patient-facing tools like directories. Everybody knows provider data sets are not very good—payers, providers, revenue cycle management, payer enrollment, and third-party credentialing are all feeling the pain. The accuracy of provider data is one of those foundational things that ripples through everything else in healthcare.

I’m a glutton for punishment and I’m interested in solving fundamental issues in healthcare administration. While I’m not as familiar with the clinical side of things, I like the scope and scale of technical problems in the back office and I look forward to contributing to solutions at Veda.

With your healthcare background, what do you think sets Veda apart from other data vendors?

I’ve found there are big differences between healthcare tech companies. Some are technology for technology’s sake but the ones I enjoy have a bigger mission. Veda is looking at things differently. I’ve encountered other companies in the health tech space who think speed is the answer. “Let’s speed up the existing processes.” They repeat the same problems but just do them faster. Veda’s approach to curating provider data is an exciting solution I haven’t seen before.

Plus, Veda’s mission of technology helps people help people speaks to what I believe in: when applying healthcare solutions, outcomes for patients should improve and not just metrics.

Think about one year from now. What does success look like for you at Veda?

A year from now, I want Veda to be the standard in provider data. Eventually, I’d love to say provider data isn’t an obstacle anymore in healthcare. There are enough barriers and other things to worry about in healthcare. A bunch of inefficiencies can disappear when provider data is solved.

Everyone has encountered an administrative roadblock in healthcare like a denied claim. The aggregate is a lot worse than what people have encountered. There is too much time, money, and effort going into things that could be automated which is exactly what Veda provides.

A world free of provider data errors? Count us in. Now, tell me about your interests and hobbies.

Since I spend much of my day staring at a computer screen, I like to switch up my off times. I need outlets that are different from a screen. I like the mechanical aspect of working on cars. Taking something apart with my hands and fixing it, putting it back together, making it work, all of that is incredibly satisfying to me. Outside of work, I spent a lot of time biking/cycling.

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