Your active directory for providers, practice groups & facilities updated every 24 hours.

Every day, healthcare providers are bombarded with requests to update their demographic information in a variety of systems. It’s such a burdensome task that response rates only ever reach about 40%. A group of physicians even resorted to suing a provider-directory vendor to stop the constant administrative demands. They won.

But the answers to all of the requests for information can already be found in the volumes of data their offices produce in the course of completing their daily tasks: signing contracts, sending emails, entering data into EMRs, submitting claims and communicating with the systems and patients they serve.

VEDA leverages machine learning processes to extract valuable data from that messy and error-prone information, make corrections and discard the rest.

Finally, the healthcare industry can get a validated and up-to-date directory while reducing the burden on physicians and healthcare providers.

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