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VEDA’s is more than a source of truth—our platform applies cutting edge machine learning and AI techniques with workflow automation to enable teams across the healthcare industry.

VEDA’s Alchemy solution delivers superior value and quality, automating the manual work and dramatically increasing productivity. Alchemy reduces the time to transform network, rosters, and data files from months to minutes, enabling analysts and teams to perform higher value work. The data augmentation capabilities of Alchemy correct and improve data to the highest levels of accuracy found in the industry—over 90% when VEDA incorporates a payer’s claims.

The accuracy of VEDA’s data augmentation reduces claims payment disruptions, reduces fraud, reduces errors in provider directories, and reduces the likelihood of federal and state compliance risks. Each of these categories delivers additional ROI to you and creates a better experience for your members.

All VEDA service subscriptions include a dedicated data science team to ensure data quality and easy data utilization. Your dedicated support team will include: VEDA data scientists (PhD with direct experience building and maintain VEDA’s AI tools) and data engineers (experienced data scientist specially trained in augmenting and enhancing information and measuring data quality) along with personal customer service from our team of Customer Champions.

VEDA includes dedicated customer support for the life of your engagement. Every customer is assigned a Customer Champion that will lead execution, providing exceptional project management, producing ROI metrics, and developing ROI and data analytics.

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