Veda Selected as Provider Data Management Solution by Gartner

The key findings? Legacy solutions cannot deliver value and are being replaced with modern innovations like veda. 

Gartner selects veda as a Provider Data Management solution in the 2021 Market Guide for U.S Health Plans. Our AI Smart Automation platform, Velocity, can automate roster intake and updating, so you can maintain accuracy and compliance. In less than 24 hours—Guaranteed. 


About the Market Guide

Gartner, the information technology research and consultancy company, provides expert guidance and tools that enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance on an organization’s most critical priorities.

“Payer CIOs can use this Market Guide to select the right relationship management tools to engage their providers.” – Gartner

The 2021 Market Guide for U.S. Healthcare Payers’ Provider Network Management Applications includes key findings, recommendations, and a redefinition of the marketplace. The key findings? Legacy solutions cannot deliver value and are being replaced with modern innovations like veda.

Members of Gartner are able to access the full report here.


About Veda’s Solution – Velocity


Our patented, Smart Automation platform allows you to process—format, validate, and correct—provider data files and update the data in your system in less than 24 hours. Guaranteed. All while saving costs and improving accuracy. By automating roster intake, we reduce human processing and reduce human error.

Trusted by six of the top 10 U.S. health plans, veda Velocity uses AI and machine learning to help plans transform and enhance their provider data—achieving fast, accurate, and compliant results that otherwise would not be possible.

The platform takes unstructured roster files from provider organizations and standardizes them into the health plan’s preferred format. The smart automation solution improves productivity by 10-12x and reduces data processing time by 98%, allowing plans to publish directory updates in 24 hours or less. Files are verified, corrected, and updated—all within the plan’s existing database.

To learn more about how veda can transform your provider network management, schedule a demo.