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Female Founders: Meghan Gaffney of veda On The Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Woman Founder

A strong sense of business and personal values. When we founded veda, we quickly realized that many of the “rules” around how to build and run a startup ran counter to the type of business we wanted to build. Because we were clear-eyed about the culture, team and work environment we wanted to put in place, we did not cave to external pressures. In fact, we turned down several seed investors who did not align with our values. Now, we’re creating new ways of doing things, building a diverse team, offering very competitive benefits and a flexible work environment, and more — just as we envisioned.

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Veda co-founder is passionate about the intersection of artificial intelligence, healthcare and women in technology

Veda Data Solutions co-founder and political entrepreneur Meghan Gaffney was working in Washington, D.C., while the sweeping Affordable Care Act was being crafted. It was an exciting time, with widespread anticipation among policy makers of finally seeing a “more modern” U.S. healthcare system. But there was a giant elephant lurking in the room that few wanted to acknowledge: the $1 trillion spent annually just on administrative costs.

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