Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Inaccurate provider data costs the U.S. health care system billions of dollars in unnecessary administrative and overhead spend that should be directed towards the delivery of patient care.

Founded by a political entrepreneur and an astronomer, VEDA Data Solutions leverages proven machine learning and data science to automate expensive administrative tasks, eliminate manual data formatting, and reduce wasteful spend. VEDA’s (patent-pending) entity resolution, data cleansing and high-speed modeling and processing technologies validate and update provider directory data to ensure compliance with safety and accreditation standards, empower patients, and curb fraud, waste, and abuse.

About The Full Stack JavaScript Developer Position

  • We build fast, so we need knowledgeable utility players that are comfortable pitching in anywhere throughout our stack.
  • You’ll design and create APIs and SDKs for internal and external-facing applications while rapidly prototyping, testing, and iterating with the UX Team, and work closely with our Data Science Team to develop an innovative suite of AI and machine learning tools to solve problems no one else has solved in the health care industry.

About You

  • You value working with team members that bring a wide breadth of life experiences to the table.
  • You’re comfortable working on fast paced, Agile development teams.
  • You love ReactJS and stay up to date on the latest APIs like Hooks, Suspense and Lazy
  • You design RESTful APIs and always build with security in mind
  • You’ve worked with PostgreSQL databases and can write complex, performant queries – bonus points if you have PostGIS experience
  • You’ve built distributed systems using AWS services – and you enjoyed it.
  • Most importantly: You like to learn. Whether it’s a new testing library or framework, a cloud service that could replace an old utility library, or a brand-new subject matter all-together – you are always looking for ways to improve.
  • Bonus points if you have some Python experience and have used tools like Django, Flask, Selenium, Pandas, Eevee, Ditto, and Mewtwo. Extra bonus points if you knew those last three were Pokémon.

What We Are Building With

  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, Redux, OpenGL / WebGL2.0 / LumaGL / DeckGL, Mapbox, React-Spring, Styled-Components
  • Backend: NodeJS, Python, PostgreSQL / PostGIS, AWS / Amazon Web Services
  • DevOps: Jenkins, TravisCI, CloudFormation
  • Testing: Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library, Cypress, Selenium
  • Tools: StorybookJS, Babel, ES-Lint, Webpack, ApiDocs, JSDoc, and many more…

Interested parties can email us at careers@vedadata.com