VEDA Data Fellows Program

VEDA’s founders are motivated by a belief that the tools to make a better world are being developed right now by talented scientists around the globe, and we can harness those tools to solve the problems impacting people every day. Fellows will propose research in response to data problems that are critically hindering the delivery of healthcare to millions of Americans and collaborate with product designers, engineers and market experts to measure the impact of their work.

VEDA Postdoctoral Fellowships are fully funded 1-2 year positions for distinguished researchers seeking apposition that allows them to explore areas of research including entity resolution, anomaly detection, data imputation & high throughput data processing. Your work will make healthcare more efficient for millions of patients across the country.

Our program benefits

VEDA provides a multi-disciplinary environment with a focus on connecting scientific research to practical problems in industry. VEDA Fellows will work under the leadership of VEDA’s CTO, Dr. Bob Lindner, and VEDA Data Scientist and Fellows Mentor, Dr. Alyssa Adams. Program participants will receive a compensation package including:

  • $60,000 annual salary
  • Health, dental and vision insurance for fellows and their spouses and children
  • Conference stipend and professional development resources
  • Mentorship & research support from VEDA scientists & scientific advisors
  • Cyber-security training
  • Monthly lunch & learn series about artificial intelligence, data science, engineering and entrepreneurship

VEDA Fellowship applicant Criteria

Ideal candidates have research backgrounds in Experimental Particle Physics, Theoretical Astrophysics (large data simulation, SPH simulation), Experimental Cosmology, Observational Astrophysics (radio spectrum, cosmic microwave background, galaxy formation), Pulsars??, Exoplanets, Biological/Chemical Simulation Experiments, Metabolic Networks Analysis, or Geochemical Systems Analysis.


Applicants are anonymous! Your CV is better than a reference letter, anyway. Applicants should send their CV and 1 page Research Summary to: no later than November 15th.

Finalists will be notified by December 31st, 2018 and will be invited for an interview with a member of the VEDA Scientific Advisory Board and the Fellowship Selection Committee. Selection committee members include VEDA executive leadership, scientific advisors and funders of the program.

Fellowships will be awarded at a publicly announced event in early 2019 at VEDA’s Data Science Headquarters in Madison, WI.

VEDA’s Scientists 

Dr. Bob Lindner

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • PhD, Physics, Rutgers University
  • Expert in AI, Entity Resolution & Automated Machine Learning


Dr. Carlos Vera Ciro

Head of Data Science

  • PhD, Physics, University of Gronigen
  • Expert in High Throughput Computing & Numerical Simulation


Dr. Kyle Jero

Senior VEDA Data Scientist

  • PhD, Physics, University of Wisconsin
  • Expert in connecting AI to fast moving data pipelines


Dr. Matt Meehan

VEDA Data Scientist

  • PhD, Physics, University of Wisconsin
  • Expert in constructing machine learning and automation

VEDA Scientific Advisors

Dr. Lars Hernquist

Scientific Advisor

  • Founding member & Director, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  • Leads global collaboration, cosmological scale simulation


Dr. Sara Walker

Scientific Advisor

  • Astrobiologist, Director, Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science
  • Researcher at NASA Astrobiology Institute & Santa Fe Institute


Dr. Hector Zenil

Scientific Advisor

  • Theoretical Computer Scientist, Founder of Algorithmic Nature Group
  • Wolfram Alfa Knowledge Engine; Complex Systems Faculty, Oxford University