Hi, we're Veda.

(Rhymes with Data /Day-tuh/).

We can imagine what the future of healthcare looks like when data isn’t a barrier. By bringing science and imagination together to modernize healthcare, we aim to tackle the greatest challenges in an industry plagued by complexity and waste — all in an effort to pivot precious resources back to patient care and positive outcomes.

Through human-in-the-loop Smart Automation, our solutions dramatically increase productivity, enable compliance and empower healthcare businesses to focus on delivering care. Our diverse team of scientists and healthcare experts think differently, with the vision and imagination to connect innovation with practical problem-solving. The result? An indispensable partner and guaranteed outcomes that mean you can focus on what matters most: improving health.

We are tackling the 1T dollar problem in healthcare administrative waste by solving the most complex data issues. Our science-driven and proprietary approach couples human expertise with a one-of-a-kind smart automation platform that is built to learn and understand health data problems. Our platform is simple to use and requires no technical skills or drastic system changes. With Veda, users can easily harness the power of their data to make healthcare more efficient, accessible, and interoperable.

Executive Leadership

We’ve assembled experts from all industries to solve healthcare’s most complex data issues and lead us in building the best place to work.

Meghan Gaffney Chief Executive Officer/ Co-Founder
Bob Lindner Chief Science Officer/ Co-founder
Joel Martin Chief of Staff
Sne Patel Chief People Officer
Bo Roff-Marsh Chief Technology Officer
Megan Troy General Counsel
Mark Wochos Chief Information Security Officer
Chase Zaputil Chief Growth Officer


Meet our team. Veda is fundamentally changing what a venture-backed company looks like. We assembled a diverse team with unique backgrounds to solve the complex and manual data problems facing the healthcare industry and create first-of-its-kind Smart Automation. Together, Veda is fixing Earth’s data problems from the inside out.

Nancy Alatorre Testing Analyst
Nick April Software Development Engineer in Test
Hannah Arbeiter Client Operations Analyst
Kush Arora Senior Director, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering
DeeAnn Avina Director of Personnel
Ruben Avina Client Operations Analyst
Julianne Bandy User Researcher
Cory Barker Director of Business Development
Ryan Beck Finance Manager
Travis Bedard IT Associate
Kailey Bender Content Marketer
Bruce Bromberek Senior Software Engineer
Jason Buoni Sr. Software Engineer
Andrew Cahoon Science Operations Manager
Kit Caldwell Omnichannel Digital Designer
Kele Carraher-Quinteros Testing Analyst
Overall, the work is engaging, different every day, and the work environment is welcoming, collaborative, and inclusive. Katie Titus, Customer Support Specialist
Jamie Catania UX/ UI Engineer
Cameron Coleman Marketing Automation Specialist
Jenna Cooper Marketing Specialist
Trevor Croxson Lead Software Engineer
Alex d’Auteuil Client Operations Analyst
Shelley DauSchmidt Director, Marketing and Communications
Joel Davidson Software Engineer
Purvi De Scrum Master
Jake Deyo Senior Implementation Project Manager
Tom Dickerson Software Engineer
Luke Doolittle Software Engineer
Nathaniel Eisenberg Junior Software Engineer
What’s inspiring about Veda is the shared dedication to our customers and our colleagues; Veda's innovative nature and grit make each day as interesting as the next! Purvi De, Implementation Project Manager
David Fine Software Engineer
Kevin Frick Senior Implementation Project Manager
Dylan Gaffney Head of Product and Engineering
Aleicia Gannon Software Engineer
Wanda Gilles Senior Executive Assistant
Nicole Gomes Data Operations Manager
Lois Greene- Hernandez Software Engineer
Mike Gu Senior Software Engineer
Michael Harris Implementation Project Manager
Megan Henkel Product Marketing Lead
Chris Hickey Solutions Architect
Raven Hundley Human Resources Coordinator
Siarhei Ivanou Technical Product Owner
Steve Jaeb Senior Software Engineer
Michael Jiang Software Engineer
David Kidd Head of Payer and Provider Sales
Joe Klimm Senior Software Engineer
Rowena Koenig Talent Acquisition Specialist
Donna Knox Technical Product Owner
Nika Lane Accounting Manager
Kimmy Lavelle Senior Product Manager
Jill LeNoble Head of Customer Success
Gordo Lowrey Senior Software Engineer
Martin Madsen Senior Software Engineer
Brenda Maeda Senior Director, Test Engineering
Rispy Michael Database Engineer
Alexa Mogavero Senior Scrum Master
Zach Pace Data Scientist
A place with leaders and coworkers who were constantly willing to believe in and challenge each other to do projects that pushed the limits collaborative innovation. Veda is a team of brilliant folks with grit, who love to learn and believe in each other's talents and potential more. Julianne Fox, User Researcher
Rishi Patel Technical Data Science Manager
Dwayne Phillips Lead Software Engineer
Tara Pierce Director of Business Development
Jed Pittman Technical Engineering Manager
Omar Rabb Customer Support Manager
Emily Reese Software Engineer
Thomas Ries Senior Software Engineer
Ethan Rodriguez Software Development Engineer in Test
Malika Roebuck Client Operations Analyst
Cynthia Ruiz Sales Operations Assistant
Erin Ryan Technical Delivery Manager
Sara Sabihi Senior Scrum Master
John Sacharok Technical Product Owner
Zach Sagar Senior Client Services Analyst
Uma Sahani Senior Director, Product Management
Tony Schramm Data Scientist
Robin Schroeder-Janonis Director of Business Development
Sara Smith Talent Acquisition Director
Regina Solemina Customer Success Manager
Taylor Stein Senior Product Manager
Cati Strickland Recruiting Coordinator
Liam Sykes System Engineer
Drew Taylor VP of Delivery
Justin Thierry Software Engineer
At Veda, there is always something new to learn. Knowledge building is the key to career growth! Trevor Croxson, Lead Software Engineer
Katie Titus Sr. Client Services Analyst
Matt Trawinski Customer Success Manager
Elsa Velazquez Software Engineer
Carlos Vera Ciro Enterprise Architect
Dan Walsh Director of Implementation
Aaron Warshay Sr. Software Development Engineer
Julia Weiland Customer Success Manager
Amy White VP, Project Management Office
Karen Wilkerson Executive Assistant
Michele Wilson Director of Business Development
Coming from someone with over 15 years of experience in the software industry, Veda is truly a breath of fresh air. Gordo Lowrey, Senior Software Engineer

Veda Founders

Co-Founder and CEO

Meghan Gaffney is responsible for making the Veda experience exceptional for our team members, customers and partners.

She provides resources and strategic leadership to our employees and serves as a liaison to customers and partners. With over 15 years of experience working with federal and state elected officials and consulting on technology opportunities, she has experience helping people– from elected leaders to impact organizations– achieve their goals. She is a passionate advocate for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and believes it will create unprecedented economic opportunity for the United States and the world.

Meghan has a growing list of accolades, including being named the 2017 Vinetta Project Venture Challenge winner, winner of the MedStar Health and 1776 #Patient2Consumer startup challenge, and has been named Startups to Watch in 2018 by DCInno and DCA Live: Red Hot Entrepreneurs in DC tech and business community. She is a contributing author for Entrepreneur Leadership Network. 

Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

Dr. Bob Lindner empowers and guides Veda’s scientific and engineering teams.

He provides strategic vision, builds innovative core data science technologies and connects our veda scientists to our Scientific Advisory Board.

Bob fell hard for data science, and has a passion for solving big problems, not just in the Universe, but those affecting our everyday lives here on earth. With over ten years’ experience, he is a published and acclaimed astrophysicist with experience modeling data, and designing and building cloud-based machine learning systems. Bob had a number of impressive and significant discoveries and “first detections” in his years researching and studying.

Most notably, he created machine learning code that automates and accelerates the ability for scientists to analyze data from next generation telescopes. That program, Gausspy, continues to increase scientists’ understandings of our galaxy’s origins. He earned his Ph.D. in physics from Rutgers University and was a postdoctoral researcher at UW-Madison, where he led the development of Gausspy. Bob is a contributing author for Forbes Technology Council.

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