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At VEDA we fix earth’s data problems from the inside out


We were founded by a political entrepreneur and an astronomer, Meghan Gaffney Buck and Dr. Bob Lindner. Bob’s research looked to the stars, using machine learning to uncover how galaxies were formed. Meghan’s career focused closer to Earth, bringing together constellations of political and community leaders to solve problems in healthcare, energy, and the environment.

VEDA was founded when Meghan and Bob realized the potential in combining their areas of expertise. Meghan saw possibilities in Bob’s NASA-backed intelligence and how it could impact human lives. Bob realized the infinite ways in which data could be used to solve people’s common and not-so-common problems. Together, they set their sights on healthcare.

Our contribution to health care is simple: we untangle the barriers which exist between a patient, their doctors, and the myriad of data in between. Our solutions create a simplified and streamlined health care experience for everyone, from the patient, to the payor, to the provider.

VEDA remains rooted in our founders’ shared passion for connecting innovation and practical problem solving. Today, over 15 million people rely on VEDA data tools to power the healthcare industry.

Our Team

Our AI and machine learning tools have been created by our team of scientific researchers from around the world.

Together, the VEDA team utilizes machine learning to solve increasingly complex problems. From finding the largest shockwave in the universe to modeling open-ended evolution in video games, to tackling data problems which impact people’s health.

Co-Founder and CEO

Meghan Gaffney Buck

Meghan is responsible for making the VEDA experience exceptional for our team members, customers and partners.

She provides resources and strategic leadership to our employees and serves as a liaison to customers and partners. With over 15 years of experience working with federal and state elected officials and consulting on technology opportunities, she has experience helping people– from elected leaders to impact organizations– achieve their goals. She is a passionate advocate for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and believes it will create unprecedented economic opportunity for the United States and the world.

Meghan has a growing list of accolades, including being named the 2017 Vinetta Project Venture Challenge winner, winner of the MedStar Health and 1776 #Patient2Consumer startup challenge, and has been named Startups to Watch in 2018 by DCInno and DCA Live: Red Hot Entrepreneurs in DC tech and business community.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Bob Lindner

Dr. Bob Lindner, co-founder and CTO at VEDA Data Solutions, empowers and guides VEDA’s scientific and engineering teams.

He provides strategic vision, builds innovative core data science technologies and connects our VEDA scientists to our Scientific Advisory Board.

Bob fell hard for data science, and has a passion for solving big problems, not just in the Universe, but those affecting our everyday lives here on earth. With over ten years’ experience, he is a published and acclaimed astrophysicist with experience modeling data, and designing and building cloud-based machine learning systems. Bob had a number of impressive and significant discoveries and “first detections” in his years researching and studying.

Most notably, he created machine learning code that automates and accelerates the ability for scientists to analyze data from next generation telescopes. That program, Gausspy, continues to increase scientists’ understandings of our galaxy’s origins. He earned his Ph.D. in physics from Rutgers University and was a postdoctoral researcher at UW-Madison, where he led the development of Gausspy.

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